Sarvam Tamil movie Katrukkulle video song

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Published on September 24, 2017
Sarvam Tamil movie Katrukkulle  video song

Sarvam Tamil movie Katrukkulle video song

We feel like hearing A.R.Rahman’s music when we hear this song. Lush green backgrounds and smart looking couple locked in a glass room in the jungle with a LCD TV, a sofa set and a swimming pool creates a sense of curiosity among the viewers. The film is written and directed by Vishnuvardhan. The director had tried his best to differentiate every song and scene in the film. The romance between the couple, the songs, and the story everything is very unique.

Name Katrukkulle
Movie Name Sarvam
Director Vishnuvardhan
Production K. Karunamoorthy, C. Arunpandian
Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics Pa.Vijay
Cast Trisha, Arya
Banner Ayngaran International

The lyrics, glass box set and the slow motion movements of the hero and heroine everything does its part in creating the exact mood of the song. The cameraman has done a great job in the song. The last scene where the glass box breaks into pieces symbolizing the union of the lovers and the removal all inhibitions between them is classic. Though it is a very short song, it leaves lot of effect on the viewers when it appears in the film. A wonderful song on the whole with excellent lyrics!

Sarvam Tamil movie Katrukkulle

Kaatrukkulle Song Lyrics
Kaatrukkulle vasam pola vandhaai enakkul nee
Kattukkle mazayai poley aaga unakkul naan
Maraadhe…. Mannoodu endrume
Mazhai vaasam….. nenjodu unnaipoll
Theeradeeey…. Kannodu enndrume
Uyireeram … epodhum ennai pol.. ennai pol

Nadu kaatril thanimai vandadey, azhagiya aasai unarvu thandade
Ulagam maruthey .. uyir sugam thedudhey (2)
Ila peyil thodamal pookal mottaga engum thengaddi nee
Pudhu vergal kai seerthu pachai neer korthu soozhum egandam nee (2)
Kadal katril idhayam pattadhe, adhil undan peyarai azhuthi cholludhe
Alai madi needudhey, adhil unnai endhudhe (2)

Thangaadhee.. thagangal manila
Un moochil… ushnangal thaakudhe
Neekaadhey… niram mattram endrume
Un degham, naadedho pogudey!

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