Ko Tamil movie Gala Gala video song

This is simple college type song set between two old friends. Both Jeeva and Ajmal give an impressive dance performance in the song. The music is really electrifying. The sudden pauses in the middle of the songs makes in unique. This technique was adapted by many in the recent songs. But Harris Jayaraj was the [...]

Sakkarakatti Tamil movie Taxi Taxi video song

Taxi Taxi is out and out a rocker blast from A R Rahman. The song is fast-paced and is peppy enough to make everyone dance. A R Rahman has used some unusual sounds and brilliant music to make it a rocking track. In fact, the song starts with a human humming that sounds quite unusual [...]
July 31, 2014 997

Saamy Tamil movie Pudichirukku video song

The singers of this song Pudhichirukku are Hariharan and Mathangi. They have done a marvellous work. They have sung this song with a good chemistry, which is needed for such romantic numbers. The Music Director of this song is Harris Jeyaraj. He has composed an awesome number. The lyric is by Na. Muthukumar. The lyricist [...]

Ghajini Tamil movie Rangola video song

There are no words to describe this song. The whole song is stunning. The Music Director of this song is Harris Jeyaraj. His composition is wonderful. Each and every beat is enjoyable. Kapilan has penned down the lyric. The lyric is another attraction for the song. Shankar Mahadevan and Sujatha are the right choices for [...]

Roja Koottam Tamil movie Uyir Konda Rojave video song

Uyir Konda Rojave is a song that has some important sequences in the screenplay. The song features the rise of the lead actors Srikanth and Bhoomika as the established ones. These kinds of songs are not the new ones in the commercial Tamil Cinema. However, the beauty of this song lies in the fact that, [...]

Roja Koottam Tamil movie Suppama Suppama video song

Suppama Suppama is a song of entertaining type. The song does not have any relevance to the screenplay and do not hold any importance in the movie’s plot. However, there is an undying trend in the Tamil Cinemas, where one can find such type of fast-paced entertaining songs. These kinds of songs are clearly to [...]

Andangkaka Video Song from Tamil Movie Anniyan

Song Name : Andangkaka Movie : Anniyan Singer : KK, Jassie Gift, Shreya Ghosal, Saindhavi Music : Harris Jeyaraj Cast : Vikram, Sadha Andangkaka Video Song from Tamil Movie AnniyanThis is an awesome song from the movie Anniyan. The Director of this movie is Shankar. It is only in a Shankar movie that one will [...]

Poovellam Un Vaasam Tamil movie Yukhta Mookhi video song

Yukhta Mookhi has made a special appearance for this song. This song has been made exclusively for her. The lyric too describes her beautiful looks. The Music Director of this song is Vidyasagar. He has composed a fast and entertaining number. The fast beats have made this song more interesting. The lyric is by Vairamuthu. [...]

Kadhalar Dhinam Tamil movie Roja Roja video song

Roja Roja is one of the stupendous love songs from the movie of Kadhalar Dhinam. A R Rahman’s mastery in music can be clearly understood, if one listens to this song. Vaali’s lyrics for this song clearly attract every listener right at the first listening. Once can understand his class and experience in song writing, [...]